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Exclusively created for small and medium-size businesses, IP Office delivers the communications facilities larger businesses are accustomed to with the simplicity and accessibility essential for small businesses.

This comprehensive phone system assists growing enterprises to make themselves distinct from their competition by improving staff productivity, reducing outlay, and helping to deliver superior customer service.

There are two IP Office Editions tailored for your individual business requirements:

Select either the Essential or Preferred Edition of IP Office to receive the best combination of functions to suit your business.

  • Essential Edition – allows businesses to keep costs down, while retaining vital communications capabilities.
  • Preferred Edition – offers ten times the voice messaging potential of Essential Edition, and has the ability to handle dozens of calls simultaneously.

Power Your People – User Productivity Solutions

With Preferred Edition, you can enable your individual employees to realise their potential by providing the necessary communications tools.

IP Office is Avaya’s flagship small and medium enterprise communications package, enabling ambitious small businesses to develop effectively. Use IP Office to work together more successfully, to boost employee efficiency, to reduce expenditure, and to ensure that you communicate with customers, colleagues and suppliers problem-free. Contact us.

With IP Office you can take advantage of the following features and benefits:

  • Low-cost mobile phone and long-distance bills
  • Integrated resiliency
  • No conference calling fees
  • Centralised administration
  • New features of Avaya IP Office
  • Simple and cost-effective upgrades to Avaya IP Office
  • Healthcare industry solutions
  • New phone sets
  • Flexible Avaya one-X® Portal for IP Office
  • Improved Call Centre Reporting
  • Expanded Video Options
  • Multi-site Management

1400 Series – Digital Handsets


1403-handset1403 – 3 Button Feature specifically designed for basic use – designed for infrequent use or for basic call requirements.
1408-handset1408 – 8 Button Feature. The most popular handset in this excellent rang of digital telephones. The obvious choice for a busy environment.
1416-handset1416 – This feature rich 16 button digital telephone makes transferring calls easy. The 1416 is ideal for increasing productivity for those dealing with multiple tasks throughout the day.

1600 Series – IP Handsets

The 1600 series handsets offer the same feature rich facilities as the 1400 series, however they are presented in IP format.



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