Hosted Telephony

Freestyle Communications have a nationwide base of specialist Telephone Engineers with expertise in a wide range of systems.


Combined Cabling for both Voice and Data

Here at Freestyle Communications we provide a single source for all your voice and data requirements. Our engineers are highly trained and technically experienced in the cabling industry, both in dealing with and co-ordinating the sophisticated cabling technology that is such an essential part of modern business phones and communication equipment.

Category 5e Cabling

Category 5e structured cabling is a standardised cabling network of outlets which can be used to plug in an office telephone, fax machine, modem, ISDN data device or pc network connection. The use of Category 5e cabling is central to many business phone systems.

Category 5e can be more economical to install than separate voice and data cabling. Whereas traditional telephone cable is sufficient for simple telephone connections, Cat 5e cabling incorporates your office phones and computer requirements on the same cabling system. Contact us.

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