Telephone invention has been a remarkable addition to human civilisation. With the advancement of technology, the use of traditional wired telephone systems has changed. All forms of telecommunication have opened up new possibilities for communication globally. Even though standard telephones are still in the market, most people are switching to VoIP systems for effective communication. It is a cost-effective option, especially if you make many calls. However, for VoIP telephones in Chelmsford, contact a professional installer.

If you’re unaware of the concept of VoIP telephone connections, then rea don and get enlightened.

What is a VoIP telephone system?

The full form of VoIP is “Voice Over Internet Protocol” and is used as an alternative connection to traditional telephone systems. The signal delivery method is the major difference between VoIP connections and conventional telephone lines. VoIP uses the internet instead of a wire or wireless connection to transfer the call from one place to another.

If the internet signal in the area is good, you can expect good sound quality, unlimited connectivity and non-hampering communication with the help of VoIP telephones.

What are the types of VoIP telephones?

Hard phones

As the name goes, when VoIP connection is used in traditional phones, it is known as hard phones. They are the normal model phones where even standard connections are used. They are either connected via Wi-Fi or Ethernet. They can be kept anywhere in the home or commercial spaces and used for communication through the Internet.


A softphone is an application installed in a device and connected through the internet to allow proper business calls with the use of the same. The software will enable you to use the VoIP features with simple buttons. This software is conveniently used in smartphones as well.
Working process of VoIP phones
There’s fundamentally not much difference in the working process between traditional and VoIP phones. VoIP telephones work by encoding the analogue voice signal into digital data and then converting the same back to voice signals for the receiver to get feedback. VoIP technology has revolutionised the business communication process and has helped the commercial sector to waive off unnecessary costs.

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