Hosted Telephony

Freestyle Communications have a nationwide base of specialist Telephone Engineers with expertise in a wide range of systems.


Hosted Telephony

Freestyle Communications offers a VoIP (Voice-over Internet Protocol) service which can be used anywhere in the world via a softphone client on your laptop, a smartphone or through a dedicated IP phone connected to the Internet.

Ability to make and receive calls on the move
Secure service with the strongest firewall, router and intrusion detection technologies
The capability of making and taking calls on the move, and remote and home-working has its blatant advantages. The service is founded on a well-established IP platform that has been effectively serving our customers for many years.


As well as providing the ability to use your VoIP service globally, we can also supply a voicemail service on your number:

Never miss a call
Emailed any left messages for instant playback
Able to store the message or forward it to another email address
Experience all of the functions of a traditional telephone system but with IP flexibility. Our network telephony service will provide you with a direct connection from your location to our managed core IP network providing a wealth of diverse functions and much lower call costs

8×8 Hosted Telephony

Freestyle Comms: Embrace the Diverse Ways the World Communicates

Voice calls, email, SMS, social media messaging, webchat, videoconferencing… the realm of communication is boundless. In the dynamic business world, it’s crucial to seamlessly handle them all. That’s why having a single platform is the ultimate solution. Introducing our ingenious 8×8 Communications Cloud™, empowering you, your teams, and your customers to engage effortlessly by merging all your communication channels onto one powerful platform. Experience unified and simplified interactions with a single user interface, granting remote user access through any connected device. Moreover, leverage the treasure trove of rich data to design enhanced, more efficient ways of working. At Freestyle Comms, we bring you the future of communication.

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